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Embassy Legalizations

An embassy legalization ensures that a document can also be used in the country of destination. The legalization of an embassy is therefore the very last station in the legalization process. The consul or ambassador confirms with the embassy legalization that a document has been officially recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When trading goods, you may have to deal with the legalization of specific documents with an export shipment. If these documents are used abroad, they must be legalized by an embassy or consulate. Documents legalized by an embassy are often required for customs clearance of goods or exemption from taxes.

In addition, as a person you can also have to deal with embassy legalizations if you want to use an official document or certificate abroad. This can happen, for example, if you emigrate or start working abroad.

Why KES Legalization?

Embassies all have their own procedures. You can think of different return times, closing days, payment methods and other formalities that differ per embassy or consulate. At KES Legalization we take this time-consuming process off our clients' hands every day.  

On this website you can see per destination country how long a legalization process takes and what the legalization costs are.

Make use of our expertise and choose the fastest and easiest way to have your documents legalized by embassies. 

How does an embassy legalization work?

Depending on the type of document, it is necessary for different authorities to issue a legalization before the embassy can finally legalize a document. The most common legalization process of commercial documents is the following.

Chamber of Commerce

Commercial documents and signatures of legal entities are checked by the Chamber of Commerce


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can then proceed with legalizing the stamp of the Chamber of Commerce


An embassy legalization is the last step of the process and ensures that the document can be used 

So it depends on what kind of document needs a legalization from an embassy. If the (commercial) document cannot be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce, it is necessary to have it recognized by another body. 

Outsource your embassy legalization!

Would you like to know the cheapest way to have your documents legalized at different embassies in the Netherlands or Belgium?

Do you want to know what the options are to have your document legalised?

Request a non-binding quote to calculate the duration and costs of your embassy legalization.

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