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Do you need an Apostille stamp?

We provide Apostille Attestation and Legalization of Documents.

Documents issued in The Netherlands need an Apostille because you want to use them internationally.

Documents issued outside of The Netherlands need local attestation before they can be used internationally.  

Costs Apostille Service

€77 ,87

incl. legalization costs of €21
at the district court 

Apostilles are our specialty

Free advice

No cure no pay

No apostille = no costs

Fast service - within 2 working days
You don't have to leave home, we take care of everything!


With our Document Apostille Service, we guarantee that your documents are officially recognized and accepted in +100 countries. 

What is an apostille?

On October 5, 1961, agreements were made at an international level to more easily legalize certain documents.


Worldwide, there are 121 countries that have signed up to the so-called apostille treaty.

This treaty has made it easier for residents and companies of these countries to recognize, legalize and use official documents.


An apostille is a stamp or sticker that can be requested from the district court in The Netherlands.


The apostille proves the authenticity of a signature on a document.

After the court has placed the apostille, your document will be recognized in all participating countries.


It is therefore no longer necessary to have documents legalized further by the embassy or consulate of the country where you are going to use them. 

Apostille Documents

Documents issued in the Netherlands can be provided with an apostille stamp so that they are legally recognized in other countries that are a member of the Apostille Convention. Legal documents, educational certificates, civil status certificates, deeds and other official statements can all be accompanied by an apostille in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch.


  • birth certificate

  • marriage certificate

  • death certificate

  • divorce certificate

  • declaration of good conduct (VOG)

  • certificate of marriage license

  • declaration of unmarried

  • naturalization documents

  • adoption certificate

  • passport copy

  • driver's license copy

  • health declaration (CIBG)

  • medication statement (CAK)

  • statement veterinarian (NVWA)

  • proxies

  • guarantee statement

Commercial Documents

  • certificate of incorporation

  • certificate of origin (CO)

  • EUR.1 certificate

  • patent

  • business power of attorney

  • power of attorney (POA)

  • NVWA documents

  • commercial invoices

  • sales certificate

  • free sale certificate (FSC)

  • Chamber of Commerce extract

Education documents

  • university diploma

  • college degree

  • grade list

  • transcript

  • diploma supplement

  • DUO document

  • High School degree

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Master's degree

  • PhD degree

Diplomas from Dutch educational institutions must first be legalized by the Education Executive Agency before the court can recognize them with an apostille.


Also for documents from the Tax Authorities, they must first be legalized by another body (Ministry of Finance).  before an apostille can be issued.

Countries that have signed the Apostille Convention recognize an official Apostille stamp on documents to prove the validity of signatures.


Legalization at the embassy is therefore not necessary for these countries, an Apostille stamp immediately makes the document legally valid and ready for use in the affiliated countries:  

Documents that were not issued in the Netherlands but in another apostille country must be legalized locally in the country of origin. Please contact us for this.

Which countries are part of the Apostille Convention?

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