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By using correctly legalized export documents when sending goods, your customer pays less import duties, you can get your goods to their destination and you offer your foreign customers extra legal certainty.


When exporting goods, you often need export documents. These are necessary for several reasons. Documents such as a Certificate of Origin (CVO), EUR.1, EUR-MED or an invoice declaration can be used in addition to providing legal certainty for geopolitical reasons (such as boycotts, trade restrictions or quotas), reduction or exemption from import duties or for temporary importation of goods.  

What is a Certificate of Origin (CVO)?

A CVO is used by countries for political, economic or health reasons. The document proves the non-preferential origin of a product. In this way, a government can know in which country goods were produced and take measures in the field of importing certain products from specific countries.


You can apply for a CVO in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce. It is often necessary to have a Certificate of Origin legalized after legalization at the Chamber of Commerce by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the embassy of the destination country.  


What is a EUR.1 Goods Movement Certificate?

A EUR.1 document is a certificate with which you can prove the preferential origin of your goods in order to receive a discount or exemption on import duties.  

If you export to a country with which the EU has a free trade agreement, you can save money by applying for a EUR.1 document.  


In the Netherlands, applying for a EUR.1 (and a CVO) goes through the Chamber of Commerce. The EUR.1 must then be legalized by customs before it is legally valid. A Certificate of Origin does not have to be legalized by customs.  

CVO & EUR.1 Have it formatted

Export documents must be requested online from the Chamber of Commerce using specialized software links. You can easily have KES Legalization take care of the preparation of a Certificate of Origin, EUR.1 or other export document.

How do you request CVOs & EUR.1 documents?

By signing a power of attorney on your own letterhead, you authorize KES to file digital legalizations with the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of your organization. The moment you want to have a document legalized, proceed as follows.


We will let you know which documents are required by the Chamber of Commerce as proof of origin

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce checks the proof of origin and checks whether a CVO or EUR.1 may be issued 


We print the Chamber of Commerce stamp on the document and can continue with follow-up legalizations 

A Chamber of Commerce legalization is often the first link to further legalization of documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and any embassy or consulate. We can therefore immediately proceed with follow-up legalizations if necessary!

Costs for preparing EUR.1 & CVO

The costs for a digital Chamber of Commerce legalization consist of the legalization costs charged by the Chamber of Commerce (€16.35 per document) and our service costs.  

Do you need EUR.1 documents or CVOs for the export of your goods? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.




Feel free to contact us to outsource the options for the layout and legalization of your export documents. 

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