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Diploma Legalizations

If you go to work or study abroad, you often have to legalize your diploma. 

We provide apostilles and legalizations of diplomas for use abroad.

Diploma legalizations are our specialty

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You don't have to leave home, we take care of everything!

Costs Diploma Legalization from:


incl. legalization costs of €40 at DUO 

Have your diploma legalized easily.

We are aware of all procedures and help our customers daily to obtain various documents such as diplomas, marriage and birth certificates  to use abroad. By providing legalizations of these documents at various ministries, consulates, embassies and other authorities, you are assured of a fast and professional handling of the entire legalization process.

Embassy legalizations from €62 

How does the Diploma Legalization service work?

Send us a scan of your diploma and state in which country you want to use it. After reviewing your documents, one of our colleagues can confirm the legalization procedure:


If you have followed a course recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the diploma can be legalized by the Education Executive Agency

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can then proceed with legalizing your diploma


Legalization of the embassy is the last step of the process.


Your diploma is officially recognized in the destination country

Some countries first ask you to have your diploma sworn translated. In this case, we will also have to have your diploma legalized by the Court after translation. 

Curious about the possibilities to have your diploma legalised?

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