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Legalize your Auto Power of Attorney 
for Turkey & Morocco. 

Avoid fines with a 
Legalization & Apostille Stamp.

Full Service Package...


incl. legalization costs of €32.55 for the Chamber of Commerce & Court 

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A legalized Auto Power of Attorney is required

1. If you travel to:

  • Algeria

  • Morocco

  • Tunisia

  • Turkey  

  • Ukraine 


2. If the car is owned by someone else:

  • Lease car

  • Company car

  • loaner car  

  • Rental car

Urgent requests ready for use within 3 working days!

Why Legalize through KES Legalization?

We can take care of the entire legalization process so that you have the right stamps on your lease statement or car power of attorney without any risks.

As soon as you are in possession of a signed car power of attorney  we can start the legalization process.

Court of law

Save yourself the trouble. We have the power of attorney provided with an Apostille Stamp


Chamber of Commerce Legalization - €56.32  

Chamber of Commerce + Apostille - €135.40

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