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Legalization United Arab Emirates

We provide legalization of documents for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Do you want to have a Dutch document legalized because you want to use it in the United Arab Emirates?

Applications for legalizations at KES Legalization are:

  • fully checked

  • paid by us to embassies and consulates

  • submitted & collected on time

You will receive one invoice with a clear overview of  the entire legalization process.

We always think along with you and look for the fastest and cheapest way to have your documents legalised.

Service costs KES Legalization


service costs are always exclusive of VAT and legalization costs


With our legalization services, we ensure that your documents are officially recognized in the United Arab Emirates. 

Procedure & Cost

Origin documents


Trade or export documents destined for United Arab Emirates must be legalized by various authorities. Below you will find the legalization procedure and costs per institution.


Chamber of Commerce

Commercial documents must be provided with Chamber of Commerce legalizations:

Origin documents



Other documents


Court of law


documents must be legalized by:

Court of law

  for documents from a notary or translator



  for documents from a notary or translator


UAE Embassy


1 set of copies needed!

 legalization costs for common documents:

Additional information

  • A CVO and invoice do not have to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • We charge € 15.00 administration costs per document for the online payment

  • Standardize Notes for Website in Oracle?

any questions? Reassure them!

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