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Lease Statement Legalize

The Chamber of Commerce legalizes signatures on all kinds of documents. With a legalization stamp from the Chamber of Commerce on a document, everyone can see that the person who places a signature on a document within a company is authorized to do so. In some cases, a Chamber of Commerce legalization of a power of attorney ensures that you are allowed to drive a car abroad.

Do you want to go to Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia or Ukraine soon with a lease car, rental car or a borrowed car? 

In Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine you are only allowed to drive around with someone else's car if you have the written permission of the owner of the car!

For these countries it is mandatory to have a legalized power of attorney from the owner of the car. So you need a legalized power of attorney if the car you are traveling with is not owned by you.

Legalizations of Lease Statements & Driver Statements

As soon as you are in possession of a signed power of attorney (lease statement or driver's statement) from the owner of the vehicle, we can start the legalization process.

Chamber of Commerce

The power of attorney of your lease company, car rental company or employer is legalized by the Chamber of Commerce

Court of law

The court provides the power of attorney with an apostille and thus the power of attorney is valid abroad


For Algeria it is also necessary to have the lease statement legalized at the embassy.

Please note that your driver's or lease statement is only valid if it has an apostille stamp from the Dutch Court or has been legalized by an embassy or consulate. After all, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is not recognized abroad.

For which other countries do you need a foreign declaration?

In Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Ukraine you are only allowed to drive around with a car that is not your property if you have a legalized lease statement or power of attorney.


An apostille stamp from the court is not sufficient for Algeria. The lease statement of your car must be legalized by the embassy.


You also need a power of attorney in the form of a foreign declaration or car declaration for the following countries (this does not have to be legalized):


Albania, Bulgaria, Bonsie-Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Belarus .

Countries where a lease statement is required

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